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All flowers have their own language, and each can convey a different message.
From the age ¼ antigí, flowers have been a noble saw to raise awareness and convey feelings. The language of flowers has its origins in East and has been passed down from generation to generation and from culture to culture, to ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, until the Romantic era, this time it had its peak .

Considering these historical roots, there is a popular language associated with flowers and an alternative for each ocasión.La red rose stands for love, yellow for friendship, white fear, indecision Pink, white camellia friendship unchangeable. Other examples: white daisy symbolizes innocence and purity, which is related to children, means joy gardenia, orange blossom, chastity, the tulip, desperate love if it's yellow and a subtle declaration of love if red carnation means distinction and nobility, and the lily, innocence, purity and joy.